Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Denmark

Chief Conductor: Marc Soustrot
Principal guest conductor: Leif Segerstam
Acting Chief Executive and Artistic Director: Leif V. S. Balthzersen


Principal Timpani

The audition takes place: November 13th and 14th, 2019
Required material for audition:

Pre-round on video

Upon registration, a video recording of Søren Monrad ”Test for Timpanists” must be submitted.

  • MP4-format – uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or similar online video service. The applicant will forward the video-link as part of the application.
  • One take, no editing accepted.
  • Free choice of mallets.
  • Camera distance: 3-5 meters from the timpani.
  • Crop: All timpani and skins must be in full view. Use the image below as a guideline:

Dispensation from providing a pre-round video is ONLY possible by sending documentation of present or prior permanent employment as timpanist for a period of minimum 12 months in a symphony, philharmonic or opera orchestra.

1st round
2nd round – with piano
  • Etude: Sagnier No. 3 (Download sheet music: Timpani | Piano)
  • Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier (Download sheet music: Timpani | Piano)
  • Strauss: Elektra (Download sheet music: Timpani | Piano)
  • Mozart: Die Zauberflöte, March (Download sheet music: Timpani | Piano)
  • Orchestral excerpts
3rd round
  • Orchestral excerpts with the orchestra

At the audition:

  • 4 Ringer timpani: 32’, 29’, 26’, 25’ (calf heads)

For warming up:

  • 4 Majestic timpani: 32’, 29’, 26’, 23’ (REMO Renaissance heads)
  • 4 Aehnelt timpani: 32’, 29’, 26’, 23’ (calf heads)
  • 4 timpani (type currently unknow)

All pedals are Berlin style.
In case of problems with the hardware, we reserve the right to change the heads or switch the timpani sets.

Practical information

All music to be played in orchestral tuning A = 442 hz

German lineup acceptable for the pre-round video, but not for the actual audition.
The actual audition will be conducted using American lineup.

Sheet music for second round with piano is available to downloads on this page (see download links above).
Orchestral excerpts will be sent electronically to the applicants after the closing date for applications

The audition will take place at the Symphonic Hall at Musikhuset Aarhus (Concert Hall Aarhus), Skovgaardsgade 2C, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark. The Aarhus Symphony Orchestra will provide a pianist on the day of the audition, but travelling expenses and expenses for accommodation must be met by the applicant.

SALARY: Salary pursuant to the current agreements between the musicians’ union and the Danish regional symphony orchestras.

NB: Candidates are asked to keep themselves informed as to the current rules and regulations concerning work permit in Denmark.

Closing date for applications: October 1st, 2019

Following the closing date, we will send out invitations no later than October 7th.

Only applications using the online application form below will be accepted:

Please upload a detailed resume of your education. Details must include names of institutions, dates and years of attendance, plus names of principal teachers. (PDF-format preferred, but Word, RTF og Text-format allowed).
Please upload a detailed resume of your orchestral experience. Details must include names of orchestras, type of employment (full-time, contract, assistent), plus dates and years of employment. (PDF-format preferred, but Word, RTF og Text-format allowed).
Please provide a link to your pre-round recording of Søren Monrad's ”Test for Timpanists”. You may skip this if you've been employed as a full-time timpanist in a professional orchestra for more than 12 consecutive months.

Further questions can be e-mailed to:

Production Manager
Nicholas Pilvang
Email: ntbp@aarhus.dk
Mobile (+45) 40 50 84 22
Aarhus Symfoniorkester, Musikhuset Aarhus, Skovgaardsgade 2C, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

About the orchestra and the city:

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra: www.aarhussymfoni.dk
The City of Aarhus: www.aarhus.dk